American Artists - Painting Cloth-Less Females, Women Wearing No Clothes

Published: 31st August 2010
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Antonio Parreiras (1860-1937) was a Brazilian painter. To his credit, he has historical artworks and paintings of females painted in their natural beauty. Under influence of European artists, he had done landscape painting, too. He painted beautiful natural scenes applying European style of painting. He had added Brazilian flavour into his artworks. He was fortunate enough to meet and learn from a master painter from Germany, George Grimm; and from him Antonio had learnt valuable lessons in landscape painting.

In his later career Antonio Parreiras keenly observed the nature before painting any canvas. The eye-catching feature of his paintings is the skilful use of free brush strokes. His paintings are decorated with artistic luminosity.

In one of his paintings, titled as 'Fantasia', Antonio has depicted his clever control over the use of limited palette and the use of brush strokes. In this painting the model, a girl sitting wearing no clothes, is working in her natural beauty. She is shown doing some art work on an earthen pot. She looks comfortable in sitting and doing the work despite she is sitting without wearing clothes.

The main feature that would attract our eyes is the factor of lighting. The falling of light is masterly depicted by painting the backside of the lady. The backside is painted in dark yellow. Use of light green on wall and the folds of drapery have done required blending of colours. If some of the paintings of females in their natural beauty are to be called 'The Artistic Paintings', this painting has better claim to get the nomination for the same.

In the paintings done by Antonio Parreiras, we can see the femininity of the ladies womens shoes in its full swing. But the insecurity that a woman would wear on her face while sitting so cloth-less is missing. Every model looks feeling comfortable, even if she is sitting without wearing clothes. Women are shown engaged in their works. Various objects are lying in the immediate surrounding, but the ladies painted seem taking no notice of anything.

Females painted by Antonio Parreiras arethe representatives of aesthetic beauty depicted in artworks. His paintings seems conforming to the taste and preferences of art lovers, too. He painted in oil colours and on canvases. The main purpose of the artist seems to depict the pure art itself. His purpose was not merely showing womens shoes the alluring parts of a female body, claiming voyeuristic gazes from the viewers.

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